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Rediscover Your Effortless Essence

I help men reclaim their vital, primal Masculinity and their deep sensitivity. I support single and partnered men to have exquisite relationships with women. I detonate massive upgrades in men’s capacity to take the lead in their most magnificent life.

It all comes down to two essential questions:

How bold a life

are you willing to claim?


How courageously

are you willing to commit to that vision?

It really is up to you

Nobody else’s dream will suffice. Nobody can do your push-ups for you.

As your coach, I will help you connect with your BOLDEST AND MOST AUTHENTIC LIFE VISION

We will align every aspect of your life with your vision values:

Movement and Posture

Emotional Range and Chemistry

Conscious and Unconscious

Daily and Weekly Practice

Communication and Boundaries

If you feel a mixture of excitement and fear reading this then you are the perfect candidate for my work

Because your greatest, most courageous life will be lived in the territory
between where you want to give up and your actual breaking point.


    most of us arrange our lives and relationships around
    comfort and predictability rather than growth and expansion.

    Where do you go to explore and practice in this uncomfortable and fertile territory? Who helps you get there?

    One of the places I go regularly is CrossFit, where I know my coach will work me harder and hold me to higher standards than I would for myself. Under my coach’s guidance, week in and week out, I find myself getting to that point in a workout where my lungs are burning, my muscles are screaming, and my mind is drowning in it.

    I get to see the part of me that can so easily feel like a victim of these sensations. The part that wants to make the discomfort stop, or at least slow way the fuck down. That part that flops around in a semi-tantrum, grasping at justifications for giving less than 100% in that moment.

    It is in those beleaguered moments, when I MUST find my center-line, when I MUST straighten my spine, take a deep breath, remember my purpose and dig a little deeper into my soul, that I create the greatest gains for my life on every level.

    If you don’t have a place to practice this level of recalibration and focus under pressure then go fucking get one!

    Practice finding grace and grit in the Growth Zone. Daily. With a coach who will stretch you to your greatness with relentless compassion and respect for the King in you.

    What you do in the growth zone WILL make the difference between the magnificent life you dream of and the mediocre life you’ll settle for when you realize the profoundly uncomfortable price of magnificence.


Healing with the Masculine

I help powerful women learn to slow, soften and receive. I evoke the sensuous, creative feminine essence in my clients. I awaken potent, resilient boundaries in the women I work with. I prepare women to attract and maintain exquisite relationships with integrated men.


with the same basic story:

“I have been so successful in so many areas of my life (work, money, purpose, parenting, etc.), but I seem to be stuck in unhealthy patterns with men”.


accepting less love than they are worthy of

Sometimes they look like complete avoidance of romantic relationship.

Regardless of the starting point,
we embark on a healing journey…

Through a number of different somatic investigations and experiments, we gently uncover the core beliefs and nervous system reflexes that are informed by trauma. From here we begin to unravel the defensive tension, expand awareness, and give you access to new choices and resources so you can feel deeply at ease with the Masculine.

Deeper trust in your body and boundaries

Over the course of our work, my female clients become exquisite boundary keepers.

Holding the kind of healthy, semi-permeable boundaries that allow our very cells to thrive is what also allows our bodies and relationships to thrive.


    Ahhh. To surrender and melt into the solid embrace of the masculine…

    This is what so many powerful women like you yearn for, but can’t seem to find the proper conditions to experience. As easy as it can be to see men as incapable of holding your fullness (and many just are), there is no man who can hold the parts you won’t surrender into his care.

    Trust is an inside job

    Within the crystal clear boundaries and a deeply trustworthy container of my coaching, you will get to explore and and deepen your innate capacity for physical and emotional surrender. With this kind of healing, empowerment and deep nourishment, many women just like you are dancing towards (or in) the Sacred Partnership of their deepest desires more joyfully and lightly than ever before.

    New templates for devotional relationship

    Rewiring your body to receive from, to be deeply loved and cherished by, and to be soft in proximity to a powerful masculine presence will forever shift your instincts with men. After this rewiring, it will be impossible for you to tolerate anything less. We will consistently entrain your nervous system to the frequency of a King.


Restoring Connection

Either your relationship is good and you are ready for it be magnificent or your relationship is near crisis and you want to restore homeostasis. Either way there is no going “back” to a cherished former version of your love.



And the first step of this next phase of tandem evolution is toward each other, often more vulnerably and honestly than ever before.


compassionate guidance

and accountability, you will lay the foundations of connection that will carry you to the next level of your love.

Reimagining Love

With a deeper foundation of connection and powerful new communication skills you now have an opportunity to examine your relationship from the perspective of creative collaboration. As a true team you get to imagine the most beautiful, deeply satisfying, and empowered relationship you can envision. And you get to put your ever-deepening skills of intimate collaboration to the test as you walk the path of exquisite love together.

Rekindling Polarity

A battery has charge only when the positive and negative poles are active and separate. So it is also with our sexual chemistry. When we become fused or co-dependent in any way, this kills our passion and turn-on for each other. The passion in our partnership can also be crippled by the disconnection and distance that arises when the backlog of past emotional pain and unfinished business looms between us.

Through radical honesty, unshaming your desires, and consistent experimentation we will find exactly what ignites the fires of desire in your loving, and help you keep that fire alive for years to come.

Awakening Through Intimacy

There is SO MUCH MORE available in our romantic relationships than just decent sex and someone to not be lonely with! When we really commit ourselves to the path of radical self-responsibility and deep vulnerability within a committed relationship, we become the most intimate collaborateurs on a path of true Awakening. We are one another’s most sacred mirror for all the places we remain unconscious and disempowered.

In a truly Tantric partnership, we embrace our path of ever-deepening love as spiritual practice, and ally one another in embodying our effortless essence and unleashing our most magnificent gifts in the world. And it is worth noting that such lovers often discover levels of multi-orgasmic bliss together that are simply not possible in a less intimate relationship.


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