Intimacy Retreat

A 8 DAY deep dive into the exquisite realms of Alchemical Intimacy, Desire, Consent, Boundaries & New Earth Masculine and Feminine Leadership.

Join Lillian Love and Joshua Hathaway for a week-long deep dive into the exquisite realms of Alchemical Intimacy, exploring the themes of Desire, Consent, Boundaries and New Earth Masculine and Feminine Leadership.

As the old walls of Patriarchy crumble, both within our own cells and in our outer institutions, a new world is emerging through us.

As much as the Goddess movement T-Shirt slogans may imply, the future is not only Female:

Our future is Integrated.

The Hero’s and the Heroine’s journey is coming full circle and in the end, the innate wisdom of the Feminine and the original Heart of the Masculine is being restored, remembered and reborn within all beings and our great Earth.

Through this 7 day initiation; we will weave through the worlds of polarity, through the shadow aspects of our human evolution and emerge with the gifts more intact and refined; finally returning home to the core essence that is within all – our Wholeness, beyond Masculine or Feminine – we reunite and embody our Innocence.

Immersed in the wild beauty of the Big Island Hawai’i, we will awaken our bodies with Tantric ritual, Archetypal embodiment exploration, Reconciliation ceremonies and New Earth DNA activations.

There will be space and time to integrate and be held in nature as we visit the healing waters and firey volcanoes of Pele.

This DEEPER RETREAT is not for the beginner. This is a deeper Initiation into the more subtle layers that are ready to be refined individually and collectively.

The ceremonies we will co-create together will be nothing less than miraculous as we vulnerably and courageously enter the current of Divine Frequency, allowing the Great I AM to guide our prayers and transmit healing for humanity through our collective voice and dance.

Every day we are listening deeper, dreaming more courageously, and speaking our truth more honestly and compassionately.
Every day we discover a more authentic relationship with our own YES and NO in the dialectical dance of Desire, Consent, and Boundaries.
We play together in the open field beyond right and wrong.

What You Receive…

7 Nights accomodation at New Earth Mandala ~ Sundari Gardens Retreat center, Big Island Hawai’i (various private room/ shared dorm & camping options to choose from)

7 Days of deep dive Alchemical Intimacy transmissions, teachings and tools for New Earth Relationship

An exquisitely safe container for your nervous system to surrender into Sensual Tantric Ritual & Healing Somatic Ceremony experiences, opening you (& your beloved) to new realms of trust, pleasure and love

Weaving between Co-Ed Rituals and Men’s and Women’s Circles

Ecstatic Dance and deeply ConSensual Embodiment Spaces

Optional Plant Medicine Ceremony

Space and time to just be held in Mother Nature ~ natural lava heated hot pools, cooling ocean dips, waterfalls and fiery volcano fissures

7 days & nights of delicious organic vegetarian & vegan Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

An “Alchemical Intimacy” vision board, crafted by you (& your beloved) to magnify the New Earth Love on your Altar at home

A take home copy of Joshua & Lillie’s “Ritual of Reconciliation” & “Ritual of Re-Commiment” template for continued deepening

A digital Guide to “Rituals of Adoration”

A major upgrade in your energy field that radiates healthy relationship, clear boundaries, orgasmic delight and Heaven on Earth Intimacy

An embodied Remembrance within your cells ~ of New Earth Intimacy, effortlessly rippling out as the Frequency of Love for you, your loved one/s and Humanity

The language and syntax of sovereign interdependence is the same and we will keep emerging an even more beautiful dream together of what is possible.

Come play!

Investment (into You, Your Relationship, Your Ancestors & Your Descendants):


Single Private Suite (own bathroom): $3333
Couple: $5777


Single Private Suite (shared Bathroom): $2888
Couple: $4999


Single shared Dorm: $1999
Couple: $3444


Single Camping (BYO camp gear): $1777
Couple: $2999


***Limited Private Suites Available ~ First come first serve!***


To reserve your spot send $1000 deposit to:
PP: (choose friends & fam)
Venmo: @NoBSNinja
February 10-18th 2022



Watch a 2 Minute Video of Sundari HEREQ


Lillian Love

is a Feminine Empowerment Coach, Writer, Speaker and Leader. She is the creator of Cosmic Touch, a docu-therapy film transmission exploring the transformational healing power of self-pleasure. Having deeply immersed herself in training in the red lineage of Sri Vidya Tantra, Somatic Sensual Healing, Inner Aspecting Method, Breathwork and Inner Child Healing, Lillian has a gift for Somatic cellular healing. She guides people–on an individual and collective level–to get out of their heads, and into their bodies, where their peace, pleasure, power, purpose and prosperity lives.

Joshua Hathaway

has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal and Somatic Psychotherapy, post-graduate studies of Philosophy and Psychology and 15 years of guiding Rites of Passage work for youth in the wilderness. He also has a deep engagement with language and its impact on our experience and choices, most notably in his study and teaching of nonviolent communication since 2005. Joshua has 20 years experience working with men and 10 years leading intensive co-ed circles and retreats. His greatest accomplishment is raising a 19 year old son who he not only loves but truly admires.

Do you want to know the single error that almost cost us the greatest love either of us has ever known?

The mistake that we regret the most?
The one thing that we did that almost destroyed our relationship?
We tried to do it alone.
We didn’t get the support we needed until it was (almost) too late.
We are both coaches and we still made this mistake!

We all have unconscious cultural and familial programs running that envelop us in a sense of separation. We have shame admitting that we need support, specially in the realms of relationship and romantic intimacy.

The truth is, we were never meant to do this alone!

We humans thrive in community. Our relationships are healthiest when embedded in a network of authentic connections. But we’re programmed to feel alone in our struggles when it is our struggles that are so universal! We habitually hide the difficulties and put on a good face with friends. We habitually blame our partner for not meeting our needs and give away our power in the relationship by taking the position of the victim. We demand more of what we want and collapse when our strategies fail to produce the results we truly desire.

How to know if DEEPER is for you:

You are here to co-create the New Earth; whether “Single” or in “Partnership”

You are single and yearn for Deeper connection, Intimacy and are ready to uplevel your inner Attraction antenna to high level Partnership

You are in a Romantic Relationship (monogamous, poly or other) and desire deeper connection, intimacy, communication, and next level Orgasmic Frequencies

You know your Partnership (current or future) is a Blueprint for New Earth Leadership (Heaven on Earth Co-Creation) & you’re ready to activate it now

You are a Woman, ready to heal and forgive Men, and become their greatest ally

You are a Man, ready to heal and forgive Women, and become their greatest ally

A note on Diversity

BBIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ identified folks are welcome and celebrated in the DEEPER Community. While we (Lillian and Joshua) are two white folks who speak from a mostly hertrosexual lens, we hold a high value for inclusivity, diversity and are always learning and open to your feedback to make it a safer place for all.

Your voice matters!