5 Dimensions of Experience


OK, The bad news first: Just watching a video is NOT going to get you the epic results that are available in your inner and outer world through Mastering Your Bullshit.

when you start looking honestly at the ways you are increasing the overall levels of Bullshit in your life with your own behavior

when you start PRACTICING and APPLYING the simple tools of NoBS Communication

That is why I have created this comprehensive, 90 minute webinar covering the NoBS fundamentals that walks you through a step-by-step process of unpacking the conflicts and tensions in your most important relationships.
If you work the steps in this process and follow through with the conversation that this webinar sets you up to have, I promise something completely different is going to emerge in your life.

Tim Ferriss has said that, “the success of someone’s life can often be measured by how many uncomfortable conversations they are willing to have.

I am a firm believer in this. Download this webinar now so you can be more skilful than ever in the difficult conversations that you need to have as you commit to living your best life (out loud)!

What You’re Going to Learn in the SHI(F)T Happens Webinar:


Identify the 5 Forms of Bullshit that are pathogenic in relationship and communication:

  • Projection Bullshit
  • Reactive Bullshit
  • Demand Bullshit
  • Avoidant Bullshit
  • Victim Bullshit


Learn and PRACTICE the masterful communication skills that will ignite your confidence and enhance every meaningful relationship in your life:

  • Use FACTS and Observations instead of Projection
  • Identify and OWN your Feelings and Needs instead of Reacting
  • Ask for what you really want instead of making vague wishes or Demands
  • Listen Deeply to truly understand and masterfully collaborate with others
  • Express your truth without blame to dissolve the cage of Avoidance
  • Take 100% Responsibility for your feelings, choices and experiences


Discover a new paradigm of connection and intimacy that will forever change the way you relate to others.

What SHI(F)T Will Happen in Your Life?

  • You will feel more Clear and Grounded as you Project less Bullshit
  • You will feel more Peaceful and Confident as you Master your Feelings and Needs
  • You’ll feel Powerful and Radically Fulfilled as you ask for more of what you really want with less attachment to getting it the way you prefer
  • You’ll feel Fully Expressed as you share your truth and desires with ease and confidence, even when it makes others uncomfortable
  • You will feel Deeply Rooted in your Sovereignty, having claimed full responsibility for your life
  • You will feel more deeply connected and less alone than you ever have because you are cultivating radically honest and vulnerable relationships
  • You will have the best Sex of your life, because the real magic sauce for amazing sex is Vulnerable Intimacy!
  • You’ll be more honest with yourself about what you really want and will align your life to your truth instead of living compromise to compromise