Deeper C

Deeper C 150 150 Master Your Bullshit

“What was most profound for me, as a woman, was watching a man transform as we moved through the process. I saw so much vulnerability and desire in him, and how those needs were being met all at once. Before this I knew in an intangible way that this yearning was behind every man but to see it so tangibly deeply touched me.”


Deeper B

Deeper B 150 150 Master Your Bullshit

“Thank you for such a cohesive learning experience. I found myself fully present and resonant with the energy of your committed engagement, shared from the heart. I’m looking forward to more.”


Deeper A

Deeper A 150 150 Master Your Bullshit

“The opening ceremony was such a magical experience to be a part of! I’m so excited to journey deeper ✨?  Since then I’ve started reading the Nonviolent Communication book and completing the SHI(F)T Happens masterclass and OMG! I’ve already seen amazing results with my clients and partner!”


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