Testimonial 3

Testimonial 3 150 150 Master Your Bullshit

“After taking the NoBS Training I was immediately able to have a difficult conversation with one of my Leads that I probably would have never approached in the past. It was awkward, it was frustrating, but I feel much better being able to say that I had the courage to speak up and request what I needed while simply sticking to the facts. It started off rocky, but I feel that we ended in a state of understanding. I am now feeling a lot more confident in my communication skills. Your workshop helped put things in a much more practical context that provided easier steps to put into action than I have ever experienced.”

Testimonial 2

Testimonial 2 150 150 Master Your Bullshit

“I really got a lot out of this training, even though my group just got the condensed version. I really think this should be a mandatory thing for all of our employees. I can’t think of one person it wouldn’t benefit, because everyone struggles with communicating their needs and conflicts sometimes. I now feel a little more comfortable expressing what I need to people in my life, and I’m sure with more time and practice, I’ll become much more competent with it.”

Testimonial 1

Testimonial 1 150 150 Master Your Bullshit

“Thanks for spending this time with me and my team. It was definitely rough at times, but this is the kind of breakthrough that I’ve been wanting for us for the past 2 years. There are a few relationships that I’m still a little worried about, but I think now that it’s all out there, I’m feeling a lot better about us as a team. This course has been the most beneficial I’ve been a part of during my 10 years with the company.”

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