Drew 150 150 Master Your Bullshit

I met Joshua at my first tantra workshop. Based on his presence as a facilitator, I immediately knew I had more to learn from him. Eager to embrace my sexual power and wield it lovingly in the world, I asked him to coach me and quickly our work broadened to include questions of masculine leadership. His skilful somatic awareness and reflective listening supported my progress, yet it was his personal knowledge of the territory that took the conversation to another level. He has and continues to live the questions himself. As a result of our relationship, my sexual confidence with women is through the roof.

I approve of my desire, and because I allow myself pleasure my erotic life force is free to flow in abundance with more and higher quality women than I ever thought possible! I have had so many fantasies come true since starting with Joshua. And as a result of our coaching, that same life force is now fuelling the next level of my creative purpose in the world.


Cathie 150 150 Master Your Bullshit

Working with Joshua is like staging a personal intervention with yourself and the BS holding you back. His skill, knowledge, and compassion immerse you in a powerful ability to evolve. After working with Joshua, I am my own best friend; I have compassion for myself and others; I know and say what is on my mind and heart with discernment and care (or choose not to); and I listen to both myself and others from an “undefended place.” Not perfectly, but consistently.

Everything is possible in my “Life after Joshua” – the way is clear to the life (and love) of my dreams, I am empowered, in touch with my emotions, grateful and happy in my “heart of hearts,” and able to be consistently kind to myself and others. Working with Joshua has allowed me to fully own my power, to celebrate the life I have left to live (I’m 50!), and to show up each day as the person I want to be, creating the life I want to live TODAY. Work with him; it will change you if you’re ready.

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